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In the beginning of April 2020, with the mandate from European grid operators, Elering organised a Europe-wide competition, to select pilots of innovative energy products and services which need access to metering data and to be implemented in 2020.

The winners are:

  • Siemens, e-ing3ni@
  • FlexiDAO, RESpring
  • WePower, Data-driven energy source transparency for retail customers
  • re.alto energy, Increasing the Utility and Value of Digital Data Products
  • Critical Software, n3rgy data
  • Elertis, Digital renewable energy market place
  • DEXMA, DEXMA hub
  • Sunly, ReFinder
  • Greenbird, Utilihive
  • R8 Technologies

For more information about the pilot projects visit Estfeed website.

The applicants were expected to submit proposals for a novel energy service, product, or business model (working solution or idea) that utilises cross-border metering data from at least two countries. The purpose of these pilot projects is to develop and test energy services, which want to use the private metering data of Data Owners (both private customers and enterprises) from different countries, in order to develop a secure and reliable energy data access platform that could be used by energy services throughout Europe.

About the ended competition

The Estonian electricity and gas transmission system operator Elering, along with other European grid operators, are in discussion to establish a European Energy Data Access Alliance, with the aim of harmonising energy metering data access throughout Europe.

Access to energy metering data for services and innovators today is uneven and insecure. Secure access to metering data should be available to Data Owners (i.e. ‘Consumers’) and, with their legal consent, also to energy service providers and innovators of energy services who want to use this private data (e.g. energy monitoring systems in buildings and homes, electricity package calculators, energy appliances that switch on and off according to green energy available in the grid or the energy price) to develop the energy market and provide additional services to Consumers and other market participants.

The competition was announced to create a closer connection with market participants and to show that there is a clear need from businesses to access metering data of consumers.

The winners of the competition can:

  • demonstrate your novel energy service, product or business model on a European scale and enter new markets;
  • collaborate with European DSOs and TSOs;
  • practically interface your application with Estfeed platform and with the consent of test users access their metering data from mock data hubs and through this test your service;
  • be noticed on the European level and receive communication and marketing for your company.

Competition documents and forms:


For more information contact:, +372 53448 048.

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